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Castor Oil

I love how well it makes bubbles in my cold and hot process soaps. I enjoy the size of the product which I get the gallon jug. It is of great quality and priced accordingly.

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Fantastic in lip products!

I love using this for my lip products. It helps the lips feel full, the balm go on smoothly, and it gives an extra shine to brighten your day! This is high quality, awesome, and I will definitely be buying more here again!

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great price!

I use Castor in all my soap recipes! This is a really good bargain and its good castor oil! Thanks!!

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bubble maker

without castor oil my lather comes out creamy, but castor oil brings on the bubbles that people expect from soap

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Use this in EVERY batch

I had run out of castor oil a few weeks ago but went ahead and made a batch of cold process anyway. I adjusted each of my other oils and recalculated my lye expecting the outcome to be similar to my normal recipe... I will not make that mistake again! Castor, added at 5-7% of your oils, will give you great lather. This oil works well with other oils and seems to enhance the characteristics of other oils. A must have.