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Use this in EVERY batch

I had run out of castor oil a few weeks ago but went ahead and made a batch of cold process anyway. I adjusted each of my other oils and recalculated my lye expecting the outcome to be similar to my normal recipe... I will not make that mistake again! Castor, added at 5-7% of your oils, will give you great lather. This oil works well with other oils and seems to enhance the characteristics of other oils. A must have.

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I never make soap without it! I can tell a difference in the quality of oils purchased from other vendors & BB has some of the best castor oil that I have found! I just wish BB would put a warehouse closer to my location. BB, it's time to branch out! 😁

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Don't make soap without it.

I use this in every bar of soap I make! It is great in CP soap, the bubble action is non stop!

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i am going to use this in lip balms, but today i used it for my hair. i have long thick hair that is DRY! i will try anything to get it shiny and healthy. today i mixed coconut oil and castor oil and some vitamin e and my hair looks and feels AMAZING! gotta buy some more. :) works wonderfully in sugar scrubs too!

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Amazing in Soap and Lip Balm!

I couldn't imagine my soap without it! A little bit goes a long way, too. You can certainly tell it's a unique oil, it's very thick, unlike most other oils. But don't let that stop you, it's a miracle bubble maker! I also find I can't make lip balm without it.. it adds just that perfect feeling to your lips and really helps leave them feeling super soft!