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Robert Rayburn
Love the mold!

I was concerned that the intricate details of these molds would make the soap difficult to remove. Not at all. I used a 2 parts water to 1 part lye ratio and added sodium lactate to the lye water at a rate of 1tsp sodium lactate to 1lb oil. I was able to remove the soap after 8 hours easily by inverting the mold and light pressing on the bottom of the mold in the center of the pattern. The soap released immediately. The soap was hard enough that it was not damaged, but still needs curing. I did not gel the soap. I will purchase more of these molds. I do wish that these molds would be made in silicone so I could oven process.

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beautiful design

This is one of my favorite mold designs I own. The knot comes out gorgeous if done right. I find the indentations of the knot design itself to be a bit shallow and you definitely need a very steady hand and a syringe or similar type tool when doing those details. I really wish they were deeper. These heavy duty molds aren't the easiest to unmold from either. I HAVE to pop them in the freezer or the soap just will not come out and I only work with m&p. I have tried waiting over night to make sure the soap is completely cooled and still have a hard time unmolding them. The freezer is your friend with these molds. I still find the extra work worth it though because the design is so pretty.

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Makes good large bars

I've been using the "Celtic Rectangle" for several years, mostly with rebatched soaps, but occasionally with M&P. It makes a good large bar with a deep imprint of the design and I like it--in fact it's my favorite soap mold. The white plastic mold material is a little brittle so you do have to be careful when unmolding. I really like these plastic 4-cavity molds--they're great for the small batches that I do. I've just purchased the oval "Tree Spirit" which is made of the same plastic, and expect to get lots of use out of it. The "Eye of Horus" is also a beautiful design in the Heavy Duty line.