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Chocolate For The Lips

This flavor oil works great and only a little is needed to create a great smelling lip balm. However, I have had people ask me about the "Orange" part of the Chocolate Orange Truffle. While this flavor oil is fantastic in so many ways, the chocolate certainly outdoes the orange. If you are looking for a flavor oil that smells like chocolate raisins, this is more along what you want. I also have never had discolored lip balm from this oil.

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Delicious Smell

I used the Chocolate Orange Truffle in lip butter and lip sugar scrubs, I colored both with cocoa powder and they smell and taste yummy!

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10 stars!

My fave of All the lip safe flavor oils, it smells just like those chocolate oranges you get at Christmas! It's so yummy in lip products, especially with a little stevia to sweeten it up! I've also tried it with a little buttercream fo and that's amazing, too!

Beautiful A'Liz

I thought I wouldn't be able to smell the orange but it's very strong. Love it!

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Vanillin Content

Since this has 8.5% vanillin, do I have to worry about it turning brown? I'm disappointed that this wasn't disclosed in the product listing.