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Beautiful A'Liz

I thought I wouldn't be able to smell the orange but it's very strong. Love it!

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Vanillin Content

Since this has 8.5% vanillin, do I have to worry about it turning brown? I'm disappointed that this wasn't disclosed in the product listing.

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One of the best BB products

Instantly it became one of my favourite products, is just perfect.

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Nik Fauzi
Strong Chocolate

I like the chocolate scent but the orange is too subtle. Could use a bit more orange. I added a separate orange flavor to it to make it stands out.

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This is the very best, most realistic chocolate flavor. I use it in both Chocolate Orange and Chocolate lip balms. I use a local (inexpensive) dark chocolate in my lip balm recipe, and then I divide it in half. To bring out more orange, I add a tiny amount of 15X folded orange EO -- orange is a photosensitizer, so I use the most refined EO I can get. In regular chocolate lip balm, I add virgin cocoa butter and the orange flavor fades to the background. I was never happy with chocolate lip balms until I found this flavor; now I make a lot of it!