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Very Nice

Some scents don't seem very Christmasey at all and I really super dislike the sleigh ride. 2 of them smell almost the exact same but that may change when made into a soap. Can't wait to see.

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I just got the box today and I love the scents! When I make soap my family tends to complain about the smells being to strong, not the case here! They loved the smells the drifted from my kitchen and put them in a better mood. I plan on getting more.

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Great for Christmas

I did not like the Fresh Snow. I did read that it smelled like fabric softener, but it was way too synthetic for me. However, I loved every other fragrance in the kit. So I would say tha this was well worth the money. I loved Santa's Spruce Christmas Forest, I ran out of Peppermint and Applejack Peel was a pretty big hit. I now know exactly what I'm going to stock up on next year and I will probably try the other sample kits now as well.

Verified Purchase

Just received my order, and immediately opened the box of Christmas samplers. It's times like these that I wish Christmas lasted all year long, and makes me wish I would've ordered the giant bottle of each and every scent. My first worry was that the peppermint, 2nd distillation would be bitey, but it was warm and smooth. Perfect for some lotion. I love them all and I think I may make a little bit of everything from every fragrance. Once again, BB does not disappoint!! Love, love, love them. I will definitely be ordering bigger sizes before they sell out for Christmas.

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Great price, great scents!

I love this sampler kit! It's the perfect way for me to make lots of different smelling Christmas gifts instead being stuck with having to choose 2 or 3 for the same price! I really wish this kit included a simple sweet and spicy scent, like a cinnamon-sugar cookie scent. All of the scents are pretty fruity, excluding the Peppermint and Frankincense & Myrrh.There is the gingersnap but it's lacking sweetness. I really feel like adding a simple cinnamon-sugar cookie fragrance would be a great foil for all of the other fragrances included. I ordered the Butter cream and Snickerdoodle as well, but I think the Butter cream part is a little to decadent on it's own to mix well with all of the other samples in this kit. Regardless, this kit is awesome and I will definitely be ordering more of your sample kits in the future. I can't wait to get my hands on the Spring and Summer Fragrance Samplers!