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Citric for adjusting PH in CP soap

How much citric acid can I use to lower the PH of CP soaps?

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Bath Fizzy Success!

I just made my first, second and third batches of bath fizzies/bombs. I want to share my experience to help others as all of your comments have helped me so often (thank you!). I live in the desert, so no humidity. Nada. A successful batch required a LOT more witch hazel than I have heard that others use. The successful consistency was like that of Moon Sand (R). The key was to spritz 10-15 times, just like Anne-Marie says in her YouTube video. I spritzed, mixed well, spritzed, mixed well; probably 45-60 spritzes. Yes. That much :) I am so pleased with my fizzies! Thank you, Brambleberry.

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Hard as a rock

I recently bought some from Brambleberry and used about 1/4 of it when I got it. When I went to use it again the majority of it was nothing but large and small hard as a rock pieces. I don't know what happened so what can I do? Can I grind it in a coffee grinder? I'm very disappointed as I needed to use it again. And wish it was packaged differently

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Wish you had a 5# size

I love this for making bath bombs. They turn out perfectly every time. I find 1# too small but 10# too much for the amounts I make. It would be convenient to have a 5# size, but no biggie, I just can buy multiple 1# bags. Wish they came in a container vs plastic baggie, but it's easily overcome-able. I store it in a Rubbermaid container and it stays fresh and clump free.

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Absolutely the best!

This citric acid is the best! I've tried several other brands, and was left with ugly, sticky or crumbly bath bombs. I will only ever buy Brambleberry's from now on. :)