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Hard as a rock

I recently bought some from Brambleberry and used about 1/4 of it when I got it. When I went to use it again the majority of it was nothing but large and small hard as a rock pieces. I don't know what happened so what can I do? Can I grind it in a coffee grinder? I'm very disappointed as I needed to use it again. And wish it was packaged differently

Torn Packaging

I received my citric acid today and the plastic package it came in had a slice in it; therefore, the citric acid was all over my oils that I bought. I had to take what was left of the citric acid and put it in a container that I have. I had to clean everyone of my oils containers. I love ya'lls citric acid, but when I buy it, I expect it to come intact and not in a ripped package. Thanks!!!!

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Wish you had a 5# size

I love this for making bath bombs. They turn out perfectly every time. I find 1# too small but 10# too much for the amounts I make. It would be convenient to have a 5# size, but no biggie, I just can buy multiple 1# bags. Wish they came in a container vs plastic baggie, but it's easily overcome-able. I store it in a Rubbermaid container and it stays fresh and clump free.

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Absolutely the best!

This citric acid is the best! I've tried several other brands, and was left with ugly, sticky or crumbly bath bombs. I will only ever buy Brambleberry's from now on. :)

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Love Love this citric acid!!!

I have tried many different brands of citric acid, some were so so and others were TERRIBLE, ending up with cracking bombs that didn't want to hold together. What do you do when your bombs won't hold together, you add more liquid, but then you have the monster bombs that grow and get all bumpy, not a pretty sight! Brambleberry citric acid is by far the best I've tried, it works every time!!! Buying 50 more lbs. today!