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Lovely fragrance

It took me forever to finally purchase this fragrance oil. Well, I finally did and I'm glad I did it, it was well worth the expense. I made a 5 lb. loaf, it is now cured pluse some, and the scent is heavenly. I'm keeping the entire loaf for me. Well, I did share with my daughters and gave samples to my sisters. My other customers wouldn't understand the $20.00 per bar I would charge them for, anyway, I really like the scent and wish I could afford to buy it again.

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This scent is so sophisticated, it smells as expensive as it is and worth every penny. Great as a stand alone or a blender, although it feels criminal to blend such a lovely, classy and expensive scent. My clients love it, both men and women. I'm so hooked on this stuff. A little in my bath, in my soap, in my lotion, straight on my pulse for a natural perfume. It's delicious!

Very nice

This clary sage is really lovely. Smooth and just right. A wonderful and versatile blender. I used in a perfume I made, and it really mellowed it. This mixes well with many other things. It is pricey for soaps but fine for other uses.

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This is one I might save for my personal soaps! It is a favorite without yet having soaped with it..thanks Brambleberry....I am usually a Dior girl...I think I could be converted!

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I'm in love!

Clary sage is my favorite! It's light and kind of herbal, kind of floral, very interesting and unisex when blended. I suggest blending it because it's a little bit pricey but mostly because it works so well with other EOs--cedarwood and lavender being my favorites! It's a little bit expensive but so worth it, especially if you're looking for something special to add to your creations!