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Miya's Mixes
Excellent Soap Base

I love this base. The price is excellent. But I have a question. How do you remove smudges on the finished bar?

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Sweat and low scent throw

I have been making melt and pour soaps only from this store and they have been terrific!! I have used Stephenson glycerin and Goat milk, as well as SFIC Aloe Vera. So I decided to buy a bulk of SFIC clear MP base. Unfortunately, the same recipes I use for the others do not work with this one, instead I could smell oil not much fragrance, and it had sweat. I read the blog "Augh! What’s THAT All Over My Soap?!" but I don't live in a humed environment, and I made the soaps as I always do, which has never caused me problems. What could be wrong? How can it be solved? Thanks!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Rocio! I'm sorry you had that experience! Though all of our melt and pour soaps will sweat due to their high glycerin content even in areas that aren't super humid. For this reason we recommend shrink wrapping the soap (keeping it airtight) as soon as it is hardened. You can more tips and tricks to help keep your soap from scenting in that blog post you mentioned, Augh! What's THAT All Over My Soap?! If you're looking for a low sweat base I would recommend the SFIC LCP Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base.

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Allergy to Fragrance, this is safe soap !

The title says it, for me it is cut and use ! Thank God and Brambleberry and SFIC for this soap !

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Easy Entry to Making Soap

This is a great melt and pour base! I have enjoyed experimenting with fragrances and colors. This is easy to work with, looks beautiful, and is nice and silky to use.

Sweats Like Crazy

Ordered this on mistake. I usually get LCP bases but this was just bad. Sweating a day after unmolding.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Cori! I'm sorry about the sweating. We love the SFIC Clear Melt And Pour Soap Base, though you're right, it does have a higher glycerin content than the LCP bases. That means it is prone to sweating in humid climates. The SFIC LCP Clear M&P and SFIC White M&P are both great options for a lower sweat bases. For more information on how to prevent the base you have now from sweating, check out the Augh! What’s THAT All Over My Soap?! blog post.