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How do I get it out?

Received a plastic jug how do I get the coconut oil out?

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It is coconut oil it is the same form anywhere. What I buy this coconut oil for is the packaging I love the heat proof 1lb packs.

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Love this Coconut Oil

When I first started making bath bombs, sugar scrubs, etc. I was looking for a decently priced coconut oil that was in an easy to use bag. Well I had a friend who is a massage therapist. She orders her coconut oil from a friend’s sister, I started out using their coconut oil, I ordered it was 7 pounds for $35.00, and it was in a crappy bag that you had to transfer your coconut oil into a separate container so that way it did not melt, and leak all over. I kept searching for the best and affordable coconut oil. I looked and looked until I found Bramble Berry. I love the cost of it, and I absolutely love the resalable bag, that it comes in. Now I do not boil my bag on the stove, I prefer to fill my bathtub or my sink full of the hottest water I can get, and let it melt that way. My friend who is the massage therapist, also uses coconut oil, I have suggested this product and company to her because it comes in the easy to pour pouches. She has ordered from another company, which she got a 5-pound pail that you have to scoop out of, it is not easy trying to melt coconut oil that you have to scoop & pour into a bottle. She loves it, and I love it. We defiantly repurchase whenever we run low.

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interesting packaging

I ordered a small quantity and it came in a small reusable microwaveable pouch. It's warm here so it arrived partly melted. After sitting in my home about 76 degrees it firmed up but wasn't rock solid. I had no trouble squeezing what I needed from the pour spout while it was a soft solid into another container to add my fragrance before making bath bombs. Like that it's resealable.

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Good stuff!

The design of the bag is awesome, this is a very convenient and reasonably priced oil