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How much coconut oil can I add to a Milton pour a base in your 10 inch silicone mold?😎

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Easy to use

I love the microwaveable bags the coconut oil comes in. It is so easy to melt the oil completely and pour just what I need. A great product!

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Love the convenient bag!

I used to buy organic 64oz tubs of coconut oil, so I was a bit hesitant to buy coconut oil in a bag. I wish I had saved my money and bought these 7lb bags sooner! They're really easy to pour from and I don't really drip anymore. This totally beats spooning out coconut oil from a tub when it's chilly out. I just pop it in the microwave and pour.

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Coconut Review

I have ordered smaller quantities and I felt like I was wasting some of the oil especially in the boil in bag. When I had to make more soap I needed more quantities of coconut so I ordered the 35lbs. I have loved it!!!! The coconut is of great quality and it has made some great soap and lotions. I do recommend the pail opener that I really need for opening the pail.

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Great packaging and quality

These bags are fantastic. I love how convenient it is to microwave them , take what I need, and then recap. I have used this coconut oil in deodorant, lip balm, soap, and hair treatments and have had consistently good results. Good value too.