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Colors From Heaven

In the past I have made my colors from dyes. These melts make things much easier. With this set and others you can make any color you could ever need or want.

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Nice colors to mix and match or use alone

I really like these color blocks for my MP soap. A little goes a long way! However, I was curioius if these could be used in CP soap? I can't seem to find any information.

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Great for coloring melt and pour soap!

It is so easy to get rich color with these color blocks in clear soap bases. I also love adding them to white bases to get pastel colors. I shave off a very small amount at a time, these are concentrated!

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Wonderful Product

This is a must. Simply take a potato peeler to shave off slivers of the color or colors you want and mix with melted oils. No freckling no separating No clumping.

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I got this to try adding some color to my MP soap and it works like a charm. The colors that I have been getting are amazing, and the fact that I get to choose have bright, pale, and/or deep the colors are is great. I like how easy and fast it is to add the color block to the Soap to get just the right color.