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Great for coloring melt and pour soap!

It is so easy to get rich color with these color blocks in clear soap bases. I also love adding them to white bases to get pastel colors. I shave off a very small amount at a time, these are concentrated!

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Wonderful Product

This is a must. Simply take a potato peeler to shave off slivers of the color or colors you want and mix with melted oils. No freckling no separating No clumping.

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I got this to try adding some color to my MP soap and it works like a charm. The colors that I have been getting are amazing, and the fact that I get to choose have bright, pale, and/or deep the colors are is great. I like how easy and fast it is to add the color block to the Soap to get just the right color.

Perfect basics!

If I was going to do a basic color block sampler this would be it. Even I though these colors aren't my favorite in the world it's great for basic coloring in soap. The green went great with my Moroccan Mint FO for a mint bark I made. The used the red and green to make a holiday candy layer soap that had red cranberry chutney garnish on top. Everyone raved about my soaps and the colors worked perfectly! This would be great for beginners in the M&P arena!

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Almost perfect

This is a great sampler kit, especially when you're first starting out and want to play with a lot of different ideas. I was disappointed that there was Brick Red rather than True Red, however. I bought this to do a rainbow layered soap, but couldn't when I saw how brown the Brick Red was. Otherwise, they're great and so easy to use.