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Quality dependent on environment maybe

I live in one of the most humid locales on the planet, because of this, using the color blocks rather than the mica itself is a bad idea. Soaps that I had no issues with dewing previously cannot stop beading up when using the blocks (which is a sadness since the blocks are so convenient and a great idea!). If i lived some place drier or had better climate control I think they would be great, but for me they are no good.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Samantha! I'm sorry this color block wasn't your favorite. Because these color blocks have a high glycerin content, they can develop glycerin dew in humid climates. To prevent this, you can leave your unmolded soaps in front of a fan. You can also wrap them in plastic wrap and use a heat gun to adhere the plastic tightly. For more tips, check out this blog post on sweating called Augh! What's THAT All Over My Soap? I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!