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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Artistic Cold Process Soapmaking  

Creative Christmas soaps are my favorite projects to plan and create. This is a pretty advanced multi-step recipe. I have included the full recipes for each layer, along with specific instructions on the Bramble Berry web site here. Below is the general outline of how to make this cheery holiday soap.



Cranberry Mint Soap


Two days ahead of time, make your ‘Cranberry Inclusions.' This is an unscented batch of soft soap that is almost play dough like in its consistency. The batch is a small 45 oz. size and is meant to fit into our Silicone Pans.

16 oz. Olive Oil
7.9 oz. Macadamia Nut Oil
6.1 oz. Coconut Oil
.8 oz. Jojoba
4.2 oz. Lye
10 oz. Water

Wearing full safety gear and following basic CP principles (unsure about CP soap? Watch the FREE SoapQueen.TV tutorials on CP soap here), make your soap.

Add Burgundy Oxide and Merlot mica at thin trace and stick blend in. If you want to ensure no clumps at all, pre-mix color with 2 tsp of oil. Pour your soap and do not insulate. To keep the soap softer and more pliable, not going through gel phase is essential.

Step 1

After the soap has set-up for just one day, use a melon baller, a cookie dough batter tool or just cut into squares and round off the corners and form with your hands. If the soap is too sticky, mix a little flour with Merlot Mica and apply to your hands to keep your hands from getting sticking to the soap.

Next make layers 1, 2 and 3: Get your soap to thin trace then, separate it into three batches.

This recipe is designed to give a good amount of working time for multiple swirls and layers. 

14 oz. Olive Oil
8 oz. Coconut Oil
6 oz. Canola Oil
5 oz. Palm Oil
2 oz. Palm Kernel
5.0 oz. lye
11.6 oz. water
2.6 oz. Cranberry Fig Fragrance
Emerald Green LabColor
Green Chrome Oxide
Black Iron Oxide
Vintage Gray Mica
Super Pearly White

Add the fragrance right before you pour so that if your fragrance acclerates trace you will still have time to embed your cranberry inclusions.

Step 2

Fragrance the white layer of soap. Pour a thin layer of white soap over the black/green mixture. Add the Cranberry Inclusions, two by two, spacing evenly along projected bar cut lines. Pour the rest of the white soap.

Spoon or pour the remainder of the black and green swirl over the Cranberry Inclusions/White layer.

Step 3

For the last layer: Split the batch into two containers.

4.88 oz. Olive Oil
2.79 oz. Coconut Oil
2.09 oz. Canola Oil
1.74 oz. Palm Oil
.7 oz. Palm Kernel
1.76 oz. Lye
4.03 oz. Water
.9 oz. Cranberry Fig
Burgundy Oxide + Merlot mica

  • Red Soap - 7 oz soap batter blended with Burgundy Oxide and Merlot Mica. Approximately 1/2 oz fragrance blend.
  • Uncolored Soap - 11 oz soap batter with approximately 3/4 oz fragrance oil.

Swirl the colored soap and white soap together. Pour over the Green/Black layer.

Insulate well and allow to harden for a minimum of 2 days before cutting. To ensure your soap is mild and hard, be sure to make your soap by November 15th so it can dry for a full 4-6 weeks before the big day!

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