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Michelle B
Really like the scent, good with CP

I like the scent more than I expected. The crisp apple is a great compliment to the rose note. It performed well for me in CP. The scent might be fading a little during processing but it's still plenty there. I only used between the Light and Medium levels on the fragrance calcuator, so I might use more next time. Nice fragrance.

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Smells Amazing

I adore this scent. It smells amazing. I can smell the apples and the rose. It's light and crisp just like the name. Can't wait to use it in my CP.

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I love this smell. It smells just like its name, it smells floral with apples ! however, the scent &didnt last long after applying it to skin, I used this scent in my body butter. Any suggestions?

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This is an amazing, beautiful scent, more fruity than floral, but the rose is definitely there 😀 It's great all alone, but i made some wax tarts with it, and added a little Cinnamon Sugar FO, and WOW!!! My whole house smells amazing, and at my grooming shop, you can't even smell "dog" at all!!!😆

Growing on me

I think my recipe may have been what accelerated trace on this one, since no one else has seemed to have issues. Will try again! And the scent is growing on me; a light floral option!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Laura! I'm glad the scent of our Crisp Apple Rose Fragrance Oil is growing on you! Though I'm sorry you had troubles soaping with it. In our tests and recipes this scent did not accelerate trace. There can be other reasons for acceleration like soaping with high temperatures or additives. Find out more about what can affect your trace in our All About the Trace blog post.