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Very Nice

I am lucky I bought the 1.75 oz bottle without using the fragrance calculator first. It told me i should have used 7oz of this fragrance for a light smell. At 1.75 oz I found it to be a perfect medium fragrance. I am assuming it will mellow some after the 6 weeks though. I do not mind it being strong because I wont have to pay as much per batch. Worked perfectly in CP soap.

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Nice Scent!

This is a lovely scent which holds up well in cp soap. It's quite strong, so make sure to use less than you might otherwise. I ended up shredding my first batch and added that to a second batch where I used less than half of what I added previously.

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Fresh and Clean

One of my favorite Bramble Berry scents. Performs well in CP - no discoloration or acceleration.

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Love this scent

I love this scent, but it accelerated in my cold process recipe. Now that I know, I'll try it again, but I wasn't prepared for acceleration.

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This scent is amazing. My boyfriend loves this scent, he says it reminds him of irish spring. I made a soap 8 months ago, and the smell is still there and smells excellent. This scent will definatly stick. I rebatched, and did a hot process soap, and even with the extreme high temp, the soap still smells wonderful. This fragrance does not discolor, however when mixed with mica's and other colorants, I think it may. But this scent is amazing. No need to anchor, or do any tips and tricks to keep this scent going. I was shocked that my soap from 8+ months ago, still smells amazing.