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Love this scent

I love this scent, but it accelerated in my cold process recipe. Now that I know, I'll try it again, but I wasn't prepared for acceleration.

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This scent is amazing. My boyfriend loves this scent, he says it reminds him of irish spring. I made a soap 8 months ago, and the smell is still there and smells excellent. This scent will definatly stick. I rebatched, and did a hot process soap, and even with the extreme high temp, the soap still smells wonderful. This fragrance does not discolor, however when mixed with mica's and other colorants, I think it may. But this scent is amazing. No need to anchor, or do any tips and tricks to keep this scent going. I was shocked that my soap from 8+ months ago, still smells amazing.

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The scent was overpowering and discolored my soap!

I was very excited to try this scent again, but the second time around. I was very disappointed. The fragrance oil discolored my soap. I stayed with the natural color of it and a light blue swirl. The light blue turned into a denim color and the natural color turned dark tan. Instead of a pale color.

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My favorite

We used up the soap and gifted a few bars. Everyone just loved it. I will keep it on hand. Plan to try it in candles next.

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After trying this scent several times I now use about half the amount recommended for LIGHT. Though I'm usually rather heavy handed with scent, this one really took me by surprise. My first batch was unsellable. Scent was so strong it turned people off, so I shredded it and used it in another batch with no scent. Ta da! Problem solved. Just be forewarned, it's strong. But very economical to use.