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Pricing Is Alarming

I really wanted to come here and by this kit during this 20% off because my kids love making soap with me. But if I were to buy all of these products individually I'd get way more product for $30.67. This kit is $34.99 minus the 20% off it's $27.99. Common sense would be to simply just buy everything separately. I'm not telling you guys how to price things, but can you guys make this make sense for me. I went to buy 4 kits and notice the same thing with them all!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
We've redesigned these kits to make them all encompassing so they are as easy to use as possible. With this update we found we had to raise the pricing as well to make the kits sustainable. Find out more about this decision in our How We Redesigned Our Kits blog post and video.


Good one