In this issue: Make Citronella candles for the garden. Get 20% Candle Dye Colorants. See our new candle containers.
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Light the Way

Perfect for evenings outside, these little candles create ambiance and keep the bugs away with a blend of Citronella essential oil and Lavender fragrance oil. You will be pleasantly surprised at easy they are to make!


Get all of the ingredients for this project with the click of a button!

COLOR PREP: Shred the wax dye blocks using a clean-up tool or cheese grater.

ONE: In a heat-safe container, completely melt candle wax in the microwave. Be sure to use an appropriately sized container for the amount of wax you’re melting. Mostly empty glass containers can potentially shatter in the microwave!

TWO: When your wax has reached 170 degrees and all of the beads are melted, add the Citronella Essential Oil and Lavender Candle and Soap Fragrance Oil. Stir until completely incorporated. TIP: To really bump up the anti-bug properties try adding some Catnip essential oil to the blend.

THREE: Split the wax in half. Check your temps again to be sure that your wax has not dipped below 155 degrees. Reheat for 15 second intervals if needed.

FOUR: Add 5-10 “flakes” (grated/shredded bits) of wax dye block to each split batch of wax. Stir well, until the flakes are completely melted into the wax.

FIVE: Pour a teeny bit of Lavender colored wax into the bottom of two of the flower pot containers, and a teeny bit of Red colored wax in the other two. Stick the metal base of the wick into the wax, using the wax as “glue” to hold the wick in place. Allow the wax “glue” to harden.

SIX: Check the temperature of the wax again. Reheat if below 135 degrees. Pour wax into the flower pot containers, filling to just above the lip of the glass and matching the color of the wax used to hold the wicks in place.

SEVEN: Prop the wick up and into place using the pencils or chopsticks. Allow the wax to cool and fully harden (about 24 hours).

EIGHT: Trim the wicks to 1/4”. Light the candles and enjoy a bug-free evening on the porch!

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What's New?

We have many new candle containers including one with a cute wooden top. Using candle containers is an easy way to make beautiful candles without the hassle of using a mold.

We also have new skin-safe candle fragrances which means our original 'candle only' fragrances are 50% off!
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