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This product comes in a powdery form. I use it in my shampoo soap disolving it first in the water to make sure there are no clumps. It makes soap trace very fast so very little stick blending is needed. Bramble Berry sells this excellent product at the best price I can find. Thank-you!

I am loving it

I have been using Panthenol for a very time. I use it in hair mask, lotion, bath bomb. Make you melt it warm water first so that it can dissolve evenly. I sometimes put it in my luxury soaps receipe. Plus, you get a lot for the price.

Love it!

I love this in my leave-in conditioner. It detangles and leaves my hair soft and frizz-free.

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Love it!

I use this in a private label hair product and its a big hit! PLEASE offer it i larger quantities as I order at least 5 LBS at a time.

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Work wonderfully!

I use this in my conditioner. It works great and really makes my hair feel nice. I'd like to try it in a lotion but i don't seem to be very good at making them because they never turn out right. I guess I just need a new recipe. Anyway I would recommend this DL panthenol.