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Love this base

I do really love the base! I have found it makes me a little itchy, even when fragrance oils are used minimally. I hoping customer service may have suggestion on an extract to add to this base to minimize the itchiness? Even with the itchiness, I still love this base :)

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Total Flop Bad Results

Tried a small batch and followed recipe exactly and my armpits got itchy after the third day of use then it got red and my skin started peeling like crazy. I let it heal then tried the same formula but no fragrance as advised by brambleberry customer service and same result, irritation and then skin molting in chunks. I had a couple people try as samples with a warning, and they also had armpit irritaion and peeling skin. P

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Margarita! I'm so sorry this base didn't work for you! We love our Aluminum Free Deodorant Base and find it to be super gentle on our underarms by itself and even when fragranced, as seen in our Cucumber Melon Deodorant Tutorial. Though, everyone is different and have varying sensitivities especially when trying out a product meant for such a delicate area. Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue :-)

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Best Seller

I add a few ingredients for my aluminum-free deodorant. My customers report that the scent holds all day, they don't sweat, and they love the feel. Now buying this is the gallon size.

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Would love more info about ingredients

My customers value ingredients that they can pronounce. I would love to know more about the ingredients here. For instance, DPG or Dipropylene Glycol, what is it made from? I ask because I LOVE this deodorant, it works great and is a great alternative to baking soda recipes, which burn my skin even at low percentages. But I would like to know what I'm using! Thanks :)

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Love It

I love this. I have finally found a deoderan that doesn't irritate me and acually works. No more having to reapply deoderant every few hours. Also using it on my son who has reactions to everything. He has had no rashes.