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Great Kit

This kit was easy and fun to make. The scent is wonderful!

A few glitches with the dominoes

The first thing about this is the mold I ordered wasn't flat, as my first layer for the dominoes was thin in the middle and thicker on the sides. That seemed okay since the first layer was thin anyway. Then I asked my husband to do the holes as he's more precise than I am. He tried initially with the plastic straws, but soon gave up with that and put a partial straw onto his electric drill, which worked great. So far, so good. Then it came to adding the tiny bit of clear soap into the holes. Soap Queen makes it look so easy! Hmm, I melted the 1 oz of soap. The video showed lots more soap in the container to melt. Oh well, I melted the 1 oz., attempted to use a dropper, which rapidly hardened and was unusable. Then I used my syringe (from Bramble Berry), which worked well, except 1 oz was way too little and ended up hardening in the melting container. O did manage to get past that and finished the project, which actually looked okay except for a small amount of black flow underneath the base. I should be able to fix that.

A couple problems

The soap was going great until I had to poke the holes for the soap. I couldn't see where to poke the holes without poking them on the scoring lines. Then I thought the black layer was black enough but it truly wasn't black enough. This was definitely user error, just wanted to let others know to be cautious. It smells amazing though.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Grace! I'm sorry this soap was giving you some trouble. It may help to shine a light underneath your mold and mark the places you need to score your soap. You can also pour the bottom layer a little thinner so it's more transparent. Also, you can add a little more of the black color if you want that soap darker. I'll be emailing you personally to talk more!