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dragon tray mold

i have used this mold countable times, and it is one of my favorite slab molds..... using my smallest brush, i "paint" the inside of the dragon with gold dust, them pour my soap mixture dyed with the red-brown oxide.... just a little bit of color goes a looong way... and walah..... the dragons are beautifully detailed! i never had any problem un-molding them, and they sell quickly. i also fragrance them with the bb dragons blood fo, and wow.... they sell out quickly. i am happy you have made this mold available.

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Fishing 4 Bubbles
Excellent And Very Affordable

I love this mold! I am a beginning M&P soap maker. I needed a mold that would allow me to make a lot of soap quickly without the need for an expensive soap cutter (I have tried cutting small loafs by hand and fail miserably). This mold makes beautiful, highly detailed soaps that are easy to cut out and keep uniform. THE PICTURE DOSEN'T DO IT JUSTICE! To add depth and interest, I section off a small amount of my clear soap (I'm in love with the Aloe Vera soap right now), and color it with Bramble Berry's Heavy Metal Gold mica. I pour it into the details of the dragon, but don't really make an effort at complete coverage. I like a kind of splotchy, flowing coverage, although if you are careful or patient, detailed coverage is possible. I let that set a bit then pour my main color in (usually a black or deep red). The resulting soap slab is perfect every time and releases easily from the mold. Once the soap is properly cooled, it comes loose easily and cleanly. Just un mold and cut out :)