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Great Product

Very affordable, works great

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affordable and useful

These are a great price and super useful. I didn't want to keep and try to clean several glass droppers (who knows what gunk can grow inside them where you can not scrub). These work well as one use droppers.

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Affordable and reliable

I appreciate being able to measure with these and they are VERY affordable. I use them a lot trying to create fragrances of my own. Thumbs up BB!!

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Nice measuring & dispensing tool

I hate to throw things away, so I label these and reuse them (after washing & drying them throughly). I know -- I'm cheap, but I love these so much I don't want to run out. They make it really easy to measure and dispense fragrances and essential oils and are a handy size.

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Nice Disposable M&P Tool!

These are just what they say.. Cheap to buy and easy to use. They are meant to be disposable, so I wouldn't try to use them over and over. They also seem to hold the fragrance even when washing them good. But that's okay because I can label what I used it for and just use it for that scent again.