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Vinegar, definitely vinegar smell

I do smell that horrible strong odor as well. Must say the cold and hot throw to my tarts aren’t very strong at all. The vinegar smell gets more faint the more the wax cools down. None the less I don’t hate it, but I do think I’ll research some more waxes. I still love you B.B.! ;))

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Horrible Smell VINEGAR

One word Nasty. Had to pitch it

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I’ve read other reviews on this new formula and those who had been using the old pillar wax blend were very unhappy with the new Q230 and I have to agree with them. This new wax has a very strong odor similar to vinegar that isn’t totally covered up by weaker fragrance oils when you smell it up close. It’s also much softer than the old pillar wax. I used to blend it with 30% palm kernel flakes to make softer wax tarts but had to omit that with the Q230 because it is so soft on its own. I can’t see how this would make a good pillar candle. It didn’t come clean out of the mold either, little chunks got stuck in the grooves and one actually cracked and separated. I have to put it in the frig to harden it up a bit and very carefully unmold to prevent this. I don’t believe the scent thow is as good as it used to be either but with all the other negatives, it doesn’t matter because I’m looking for a new wax.