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Verified Purchase

I got this as a sample and I immediately I was hooked. So I made a purchase of the 16oz. the next day. Soaping with this fragrance was easy peezy. Thank you Bramble Berry.


Update: I loved the sample so much, I ordered some. THANK YOU for the free sample and I AM going to order some! I made a very small batch of 100% coconut oil at 20% superfat and used this scent. After a full 4 week cure, I tried it this evening and it STILL smells as good as when I poured it and had the awesome experience of 100% coconut oil soap.

Bee Kind Soapery

I LOVE this FO, it is so sweet and juicy, my boyfriend and I couldn't stop smelling it out of the bottle. It also holds up great in CP!

Makes my mouth water!

I received this as a sample and was hoping it was less strong than the Champagne which about killed me because it was too strong. I made a beautiful batch of Pink Lemonade Poppy Seed soap bars, and they all sold out in minutes! I am buying the 8 or 16 oz bottle right now. This one is a winner and my customers LOVE it!

Verified Purchase
This is why sending samples works!

This is not a scent I would have purchased by the name of the fragrance. I am allergic to citrus and their fragrances usually leave me feeling a bit muzzy headed. When we unpack our supplies, we usually try to do a blind sniff test to get our first impressions. This fragrance was like dragging yourself through the sludge of winter into a greenhouse bursting with crazy bright flowers. I knew I had to mix it into my hair products so I could have a light cloud of that fragrance keeping a pep in my step. I currently do not have any hair products for ladies that I am trying to develop, but that would be at the top of my list for a leave in or deep condition treatment.