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One Of My Favorites!

To any soap, lotion, candle, or bath bomb maker hesitant to buy this fragrance oil, don't be. It sticks extremely well in anything you put it in. It also has amazing blends of citrus and apple that is sure to please anyone. This wonderful fragrance is zesty, tart, juicy, and fun, and if you're looking to try a new fragrance oil, this one is for you!

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Love it!

This fragrance excels in everything from soap to candles. Need more!

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A favorite in so many ways

This is an absolute favorite of mine as well as those who receive the soap. It smells great, sticks VERY WELL in cold process and behaves very well in cold process soap. I also love it in liquid soap. If I had to find a fault, it may be very slight discoloration which can easily be overcome with colorants. Awesome job, brambleberry!

Lovely in Lotion

I just used this in a batch of my goat's milk lotion and got rave reviews back from my customers, especially the men. They described it as clean and refreshing. I'll be buying more!

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Very nice fragrance!

I just made a batch of CP soap with this. It behaved beautifully and like others, without the great reviews, I prob would have passed it by. Very happy I bought it. It is a hard one for me to describe though. Sweet and pleasant.