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This is why sending samples works!

This is not a scent I would have purchased by the name of the fragrance. I am allergic to citrus and their fragrances usually leave me feeling a bit muzzy headed. When we unpack our supplies, we usually try to do a blind sniff test to get our first impressions. This fragrance was like dragging yourself through the sludge of winter into a greenhouse bursting with crazy bright flowers. I knew I had to mix it into my hair products so I could have a light cloud of that fragrance keeping a pep in my step. I currently do not have any hair products for ladies that I am trying to develop, but that would be at the top of my list for a leave in or deep condition treatment.

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THANK YOU for the free sample and I AM going to order some! I made a very small batch of 100% coconut oil at 20% superfat and used this scent. After a full 4 week cure, I tried it this evening and it STILL smells as good as when I poured it and had the awesome experience of 100% coconut oil soap.

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I love it!!

I love this fragrance. I'm wanting to get a decent size bottle of it. What is it's shelf life?

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Turned brown

I love the scent, but after a few days the edges of my soap turned brown. I used the lots of lather quick mix. So sad, beautiful yellow soap with brown edges.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Janice! I'm so glad you love the scent of our Electric Lemonade Cocktail Fragrance Oil, though I'm sorry about the discoloration. While this fragrance does discolor to an ivory/off-white color, it should not go to a dark brown. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot.

Awesome scent!!

I received this as a sample with my order. I am normally not a lemon scented anything kind of person, but i love this scent!! It is pretty strong, which i dont mind. I used it in melt and pour and a little goes a long way. My whole family loved the scent as well. I will definitely be purchasing!