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Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies

Monday, January 3, 2011


Elegant 3-D Soap 

What does Alice in Wonderland, Yogi Bear, and Toy Story 3 have in common with this newsletter's project? (Read the title for a hint.) That's Right! They're all in 3-D!

3D Soap

This melt & pour project results in an elegant bar with a 3-D shape that fits perfectly in your hand.



Step 1

1. Melt 1 oz of the clear base and add 4-5 drops liquid black color. Pour into the design of the front side of the mold. Allow to set-up completely. Clean-up any drips and over pours and assemble the 3 D mold.


2. Melt the rest of the clear soap and mix in Heavy Metal Gold mica and Sheer Freesia fragrance. In a seperate container melt the white soap base and mix in the fragrance.

3. Alternate pouring the two colors and poking the soap skin with a skewer to swirl the soap. For a full tutorial on how to swirl m&p soap see the video here.


Step 3


4. Once the soap is completely set up, remove from the mold and trim the edges using a clean up tool or a non-serrated knife.

5. Highlight the design by dry brushing the Heavy Metal Gold mica over the raised areas of the design. See this tutorial on the Soap Queen Blog for how to dry brush your soap.

Soap Weekend Intensive 


Soap Weekend Intensive

June is almost here. Or maybe it's possible we are just very excited for this upcoming Soap Weekend Intensive, but given that we already have registered attendees, it seems we aren't the only ones!

This year's Soap Weeked Intensive is scheduled for

June 10, 11 & 12
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
in Bellingham, Washington

We are really excited to have Kristy from Kristy's Lovely Lathers teaching her totally amazing technique for creating mind blowingly complex looking Cold Process soap. 
Teaching Melt & Pour soap we have Paula from PJ's Soap, Paula taught at our first ever Soap Weekend Intensive and we are so thrilled to have her back.
Of course, Anne-Marie will be there as well, teaching liquid Soapmaking and leading excursions to the Farmer's Market.
Don't wait too long, last year's class sold out.