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Not bad but not great

There were so many things wrong with this kit- first the red color was in a block so it was hard to determine how many drops- but I managed to make it work- was also difficult when it came to mixing for the purple. Second the mold was way bigger than in the video so it soap didn't even come close to filling the mold or covering the pics. Third and biggest issue I had was that when the soap cooled below 130 like it said in the video it had chunks in it and was pretty thick on the side of container so there is a lot of waste. I may hate melt and pour. It's smells great though!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The video used for this kit is an older video from 2011 which doesn't use all of the exact same products that are included in this Embedded Toys Soap Kit, like the updated mold. Though, we found the video still to be helpful in making the soap, especially in providing instructions for layering. Also, Melt and Pour bases usually begins to melt around 120 degrees, so they should not be cooling down or chunky at that point or hotter. It sounds like the soap may have been burned; find out more in our How to Avoid Burnt Melt & Pour blog post.

Nice, but you need 24 oz of clear M&P

I bought this project to do with my 5 year old (who loves the Soap Queen videos) and a 6 year old friend. It was very do-able with the two girls. They chose their colors, and loved spritzing (everything in sight) the layers and piggies with the alcohol. The scents are nice and kid-friendly. The one drawback is that the mold in the kit is different from the one in the recipe/video, and it must be a bit wider. 16 oz of clear didn't cover the piggies--I needed another 8 oz. Since I had read the other review, and I knew we would do more projects anyway, I had bought more clear, and we had it on hand. Also, the clear M&P is somewhat yellow and murky, not nearly as crystal clear as in the video. Overall, though, lots of fun, and cute soap!

Cute- wonderful smell

She makes it look so easy! I'm new to soap making to start, I've made probably 5 batches from scratch, and several batches from M&P. When cooling, the clear M&P would clump. I find using a taller rather than wider container worked, (after the fact). The clear didn't cover the pigs, so I tried to smash them farther into the mold. The next color was a little too hot and melted into the clear. You learn from trial and error. Other than that (me), I love the smell, they are very cute and the colors are soft. I'd make another batch, but would use taller containers when mixing, add a little more color to the pink and green and relax.

Reply from Bramble Berry
I'm so glad you were able to figure out a way that worked the best for you! Sometimes trial and error turns out the best soaps. We are so glad you like the project. Thanks for the great tips. Be sure to share any fun soapy pictures that you get with us on Bramble Berry's Facebook page.