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Works as it should

So far this has worked perfectly for me. I have not had any issues with separation.

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Confused on Usage

I used this in my recipe and two things happendd... I felt grit and the moisturizer didnt last long. Are there some things I could try to fix this?

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Thank God for wax

I found a recipe for a lush dupe that supposedly didn't need an emulsifier, yeah, no. It did. This is perfect. Once I figured out that it's 25% of the total oils - meaning the melted butter and the carrier oils, it was smooth sailing from there. I have the bio-mulsion. I'm going to try a small batch wth that.

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All E- wax is not created equal

In the past, I've used other E- waxs and those were just fine. I gave your E- wax a try. The first time, I assumed it would set up similar to the other E-waxs , well it didnt and there was a small amount of separation @ the bottom. So i retraced my steps and realized that i had to periodically mix this lotion till it cooled to between 90- 100 degrees. I didn't like the added time it takes to complete the lotion but I DO LOVE the silver feel of the lotion. This wax is a little more work, but it's a keeper for me.

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Worked great!!

I've used this wax in my whipped sugar scrubs and in my body butters with great success. Mixes well and holds nicely.