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Love it

This fragrance oil does accelerate trace a little bit to me. But the smell is gorgeous and it really sticks. Like, this scent lasts forever. And even people that can't stand coffee scented soap love it.

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Lin Mei
Tasty smell

It smells so yummy. This fragrance oil doesn't accelerate Gel phase, but it does change the color of the soap to brown. Thanks for the description on the label of the bottle, so I know what to expect.

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I wanted to love it

Like a lot of FO's, this starts espresso with a sweet almost chocolate, but the finish, the lingering backnote is a baby powder plasticky smell. I wish i could love fo's, especially since the descriptions and reviews are great....but ugh, that cloying backnote is horrible! What is that component, so that i can avoid it??? I just used the chipotle caramel from my foodie sample, and it did not present that backnote....figures, an fo i can truly enjoy, and you no longer carry it! If anyone can tell me what that clean diaper, baby powder, plastic scent component is, i would love to see it listed so i can avoid paying for fo's with that ingredient, i would be so grateful! after cut, only plastic no coffee scent left at all!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We find the Espresso Fragrance Oil smells much better after a little bit of aging, or after it has been cured in cold process soap. To age the scent you can take the top off and just let it sit out for a week or two. The scent then should become richer and less bitter smelling. If you're looking for another coffee scent you may prefer .

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This is a lovely scent - more like a mocha than espresso, smells so good you want to put a straw in it and drink it. Does darken your soap over time, but if you are making coffee soap, what difference does that make. I will purchase again.

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NOT a "cup of joe" FO

This fragrance is not a "freshly brewed coffee" fragrance, but it is good nonetheless. For me it smells overwhelmingly of almond, barely like coffee. It behaved wonderfully, of course it does discolor, but a little too sweet for my liking. Do not use if you are looking for an "actual" coffee scent.