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Better with age

I didn't like this out of the bottle at first, but after a couple years on the shelf it's a much nicer coffee smell! After using it in a couple fo blends I will say use more than you think you need, as it gets much more mild even in melt and pour.

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Although it's not what I wanted—no one seems to have a pure coffee, with nothing fancy done to it, fragrance oil—it's rather pleasant. Out of the bottle, it was definitely coffee-something-something-let-me-think-about-this. Freshly added to soap, it's like that hole-in-the-wall coffee shop near campus. It's a rich fragrance that manages to incorporate coffee-type things and baked-good type things, without being too heavy-handed with the latter. If you want a fragrance that says "hole in the wall coffee shop" this is a good place to start. The fragrance was distinct at medium dose, and I made use of the fact that it was likely to discolor. That said, even with the coffee I used with my lye, the discoloration didn't get as dark as I expected. (On that note, the coffee I used in the lye water revitalized when the soap got wet, lending an extra coffee kick to the scent!) This is just a tasty fragrance oil!

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So Good You Want To Eat It

I am impressed by this FO! The smell is strong yet delicious. It doesn’t accelerate and discovers to brown. It helps make a perfect coffee soap!

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There aren't really adequate words o describe this amazing FO. Rich, deep, true and you will not be disappointed!!! YUM!

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Love it

This fragrance oil does accelerate trace a little bit to me. But the smell is gorgeous and it really sticks. Like, this scent lasts forever. And even people that can't stand coffee scented soap love it.