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Great Selection

Good value and great variety of oils. Since I am new to essential oils, this was a great starter to find scents and oils I love. I personally prefer Litsea, Tea Tree, and 10x Orange.

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Nice sampler set

This is a nice set with a variety of scents. Gives you a good idea of what they are like before you order a big bottle.

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Not very happy with the bottle

Every bottle I got, the dropper top was stuck inside the cap, making it impossible to pour out just one drop. When I tried to place the top back on the bottle, the top wouldn't stay. Very disappointed.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Layele! I'm sorry for that confusion! Our essential oils do not come with a dropper top. That plastic piece is just an extra stopper to keep the fragrance from leaking. If you're looking for one, check out our Droppers With Suction Bulb.

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I'm amazed at brambleberry's great quality and scents of their essential oils. I'm just addicted to brambleberry because everything I order is such great quality and price. These oils smell really rich and just overall great. I'm loving the orange 10x and cederwood the best but they're all awesome. GREAT SAMPLER FOR GETTING STARTED OR EVEN FOR PROS:)!! Thank you brambleberry for existing and for all the hard work you all do to help us create our passions♡

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omg just love

this is my second time getting this sampler set, and i cant even begin to tell you how much i love this set, and the price is so awesome.