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The best lip scrub!

I have made this kisser scrub at least 20 times now and my friends and family keep wanting more! It is so simple to make and it looks so cute in the little pots. It lasts a good while as one needs just a dab for each use. Putting lipstick on after using this lovely scrub is delightful! I use fine sugar in the recipe as it seems a bit too harsh on the lips to use regular sugar.


I first want to say that I was not pleased it took me two weeks to get my order. I was informed AFTER I had ordered that items were not in stock and I was on a deadline. Shipping should have been expedited for the inconvenience. I look like I'm regifting the scrub. As for the scrub, a kit it should have a measured amount of product. I have more than double the product for the project. I did not pay attention to the volume of product being sent to me when I ordered. Such a waste. I now have to go and buy tools to measure the ingredients that I thought were going to be pre measured costing me more time. I don't have a microwave. You should provide other direction options. Oil can also be overheated and there should be more guidance for customers on how not to ruin/overheat the oil. The formula loses its value when oil is overheated.