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Makes Great Bars

Being in southern Louisiana, the fleur de lis design is super popular- every time I've made soap with this mold I've sold out. I have to leave my M&P bars overnight, as I have had to work to get the bars out, but the more I use the mold the easier it becomes. It's super durable and makes nice, thick bars.

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Love This Mold

Was easier to get soap out then some of the hard plastic molds I have used in the past.

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SomeTyme Place
Superb mold

I'm with the other reviewer who wished they could give it a 100; I'd give it a 100 as well! I love, love, love this mold! I was concerned about the soaps coming out as well as consistent results given all the detailing, but I have had zero problems. I did add 2% beeswax and a little sodium lactate to help harden the bars. I also put the soaps in the freezer to help them pop out. I have made 3 batches this last week and every bar has come out beautifully! Update: I am going to add a caveat to my review of this mold (which I still love): after working with this and other similar BB plastic molds a lot over the last few months I have come to the conclusion that the fragrance oil choice can affect the release factor and cause ripping. I did a lot of experimenting and routinely had release problems with the same fragrances. Yes on large percentage of hard oils (palm kernel AND beeswax). Yes on very thick trace. Yes on sodium lactate. Yes on gelling. Still a 5 star mold:)

Wish I could give it 100

I love this mold. It is big and the design is perfect, I will be ordering more molds from, Brambleberry, because they have the big thick bars I like, and they are easy to remove, and it takes less curing and drying time. I love my drop swirls and so on but for now this is what my customers are craving and I have to give the people what they want, right?


Makes a very beautiful soap, bars come out with ease. Totally recommend!