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SomeTyme Place
Superb mold

I'm with the other reviewer who wished they could give it a 100; I'd give it a 100 as well! I love, love, love this mold! I was concerned about the soaps coming out as well as consistent results given all the detailing, but I have had zero problems. I did add 2% beeswax and a little sodium lactate to help harden the bars. I also put the soaps in the freezer to help them pop out. I have made 3 batches this last week and every bar has come out beautifully! Did I say I love this mold? :)

Wish I could give it 100

I love this mold. It is big and the design is perfect, I will be ordering more molds from, Brambleberry, because they have the big thick bars I like, and they are easy to remove, and it takes less curing and drying time. I love my drop swirls and so on but for now this is what my customers are craving and I have to give the people what they want, right?


Makes a very beautiful soap, bars come out with ease. Totally recommend!

Verified Purchase

..I have used this mold for few years now and i love it ! The mold is very strong ..yet flexible . It makes a very attractive bar of soap..that all my customers prefer. I highly recommend it .