Fragrance Oil Return Policy: We cannot accept returns on fragrance oils, colorants or soap base for any reason. Please order small sizes whenever possible to ensure that our products are both pleasing to your nose and work to your satisfaction.

Sniffy Samples: If you're interested in receiving a sniffy of any of our fragrance oils, (an absorbent cotton strip, dipped in fragrance, and sealed in a mini Ziploc baggie) please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the name of the fragrance you'd like to smell written on a note inside. Please send a SASE for each scent you are interested in (as not to co-mingle the scents) and keep in mind that all fragrances smell different in the final product. For best test results take advantage of the small 2 oz. sizes we offer for purchase. Because of the extra labor involved, please do not request sniffy samples with your actual order. You are however, welcome to request a free .5 oz. sample of fragrance with your order.

Are you new to soap making and using fragrance oils? Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us!

Q: Why are some of my bottles filled to different levels?

A: Bramble Berry Inc. sells all oils by weight. More dense oils (such as Vanilla Select for example) have less volume for the same amount of weight. If you tare a glass Pyrex dish on a scale, and pour the fragrance into it, the fragrance will weigh the amount you ordered in ounces. We sell by weight because most recipes are calculated by weight.

Q: Why do some of your fragrances smell different in my cold-process soap than in the bottle? I mean, I like them better, but I'm just curious.

A: We do all the testing for new fragrances here at Bramble Berry. We choose new fragrances based on how they smell in the finished cold process soap, not how they smell initially in the bottle. In fact, we often don't even have the bottle anymore to smell from - just the finished soap. We think that this provides a better end product to our customers.

Q: Help! My fragrance arrived with floating crystals in it! What do I do? Is it ruined?

A: No, your fragrance is not ruined. When fragrances get cold, some of the components can get cold and freeze, just like ice. Simply heat the fragrance up slowly in a double boiler, with the lid off, until the ice-like chunks disappear. Place the lid on your fragrance and shake well. You can heat the fragrance up in the microwave, without the lid on, on short 20-second bursts as well.

Q: Can I use your fragrances in candles?

A: Yes, all of our fragrances can be used in wax candles except PinkGrapefruit.

Q: What about gel candles? Have you tested all of your fragrances in gel candles?

While the majority of our fragrances have flashpoints that make them usable in gel candles, not all of our fragrances have been tested for polarity or clouding. We do recommend purchasing a small size to try.

The following fragrances are NOT recommended for Gel Candles because of their low flashpoints:

China Rain
Pink Grapefruit
Southern Pine/Christmas Forest
Berry Wine
Tangerine Smoothie
Pumpkin Spice
Vanilla Bean
Rise and Shine
Cranberry Fig
Orange Ginger
Orange Spice

Q: Can I use your fragrances in my lotions? What about my bath fizzies and stuff?

A: Yes, all of our fragrances are safe to use in all manner of soap and toiletry items (except edible products).

Q: Why do I have to use special fragrances for my lip balms?

A: You need specially approved flavors and fragrances for lip balms because you "eat" your lip balm. Therefore, it falls under a separate classification and all the ingredients must be "GRAS" (Generally Recognized As Safe) for eating.

Questions about our Cybilla Fragrance Oils

Q: Who is Cybilla and why are those fragrances on a different page?

A: Cybilla Decker is the founder of Whispering Scensations and a longtime Bramble Berry customer. Whispering Scentsations offered fragrances for sale to the soap and toiletry industry, just like Bramble Berry. When Cybilla decided to go back to school, she naturally thought of Bramble Berry as a good home for her fragrances and Bramble Berry jumped at the chance to purchase such a unique and varied line of fragrances.

Q: Help! Bramble Berry and Cybilla's fragrances have a lot of overlap! Which Lilac should I choose?

A: One of the reasons Cybilla's fragrances were such a natural fit into Bramble Berry's line is that Cybilla has a totally different nose for fragrances than Anne-Marie, the founder of Bramble Berry, has. We can't tell you which ones to choose but remember, all of orders always contain a free 1/2 ounce sample of fragrance oil so feel free to request the sample you want in the NOTES section of your order and we'll do our best to oblige. Additionally, we offer low priced 2 ounce trial sizes of all of fragrances so you can purchase small sizes and compare. Fragrances are such an individual preference that we wouldn't presume to tell you which one you'll like better.

Q: I really like the way Cybilla's XYZ fragrance works in my soap; can I use it in candles too?

A: Most of Cybilla's fragrances have been tested in paraffin wax at a 1 ounce per pound usage rate. They have not been tested in soy or vegetable based waxes. They have not been tested in gel wax for polarity or clouding. If you do try one of them in any of the untested mediums, be sure to write us to let us know how they did so we can share your results with other crafters. Write to us here.