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I love these! They are so pretty! Wish they weren’t being discontinued. I did have one stop pumping when I didn’t use it for awhile. But I just unscrewed the top to let more air in and it started working again. Trying to stock up.

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I love them. I bought one to try out and wish I could afford more.

Sleek Bottle

The bottles look great, the atomizer isnt the best. Instead of a fine mist you ocassionally get big droplets. Not a big deal when the bottle itself is so gorgeous.

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Cute but...

Love the look when i got them, good quality glassbut the atomizer all four stopped wokring. My customers who bought all that i sold to were unhappy. One said the top of the mister kept falling off as well, and anothre said the pump did not work well and another said the mister did not sprya fine

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Second time they've arrived broken

I ordered 50 more of these again against my better judgment and this time even MORE arrived shattered all over each other. The ones that aren't shattered have shards of glass in them. These cost too much to arrive in such poor packaging (a brown paper bag). I actually left a review the first time, only to find it deleted with no contact from customer service. I'm extremely disappointed -- as a customer who spends $600-$1700 each order. Better packaging is needed.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kayla! I'm so sorry your perfume bottles arrived damaged. Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue.