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Soap is so good, but there are definitely shipping issues

This soap is VERY good, don't get me wrong, but it seems to either arrive damaged and dirty, or with the bag do deeply embedded in the soap that we struggle to chop it up. There has to be a better way to get this to customers since we are being charged a decent amount for shipping. I have ordered over 2,000 pounds of this item since 2011, and for the first time am thinking about looking elsewhere for a solution. I even had my sister try ordering the 40 pound individually wrapped blocks, thinking the extra cost may be worth it. They arrived SO dirty and she had SO much waste trimming up the blocks to make them usable. It was horrible. So while the soap is great, be aware that it may arrive in a very poor state.

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Excellent soap base

i have been using this soap base for 5 years, my customers love it. However, I do not like the new pacjkaging change from the he smaller logs to the solid 25# block. The plastic is dried inside the soap block and it's hard to cut.

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soap is always damaged

I love This soap base but I don't understand why it always has to arrive with plastic ripped off and dirt embedded in the soap base? I don't think I should have to cut off dirt to even be able to use the product. Need better QC protocol.

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Quality Base

I love this base! I make melt and pour soap with activated charcoal and it works really well with this base! Holds color and scents really well, and doesn't really sweat as far as I've seen ! Really happy with this product and I've already ordered it again. Great for cute melt and pour soaps.

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So creamy!

By far my favourite soap base. This was absolutely creamy and a dream to work with. Will definitely repurchase.