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Excellent as Always

I've never had a bad experience with Bramble Berry and this was no exception. I would suggest this site over all the others I've found for great quality, low price bulk soaps like these. I use them as is; I'm allergic to the cheap perfumes that many soaps have. I chop these up into smaller bars and use them everyday!

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Love this Soap

It has much lather, and is a very creamy soap, my customers just love it! I buy the 25# block and sometimes the soap is in the bag but it is easy to pull out, if you pull it out gently. I cut the portion I need and put them into separate bags for easy cutting, then keep the block in the main bag it came in. Keeps it fresher. I have a lot of awesome reviews on this soap, and I hope Brambleberry never stops making it!

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Love it !!!

First time experience with melt and pour soap . I added honey and oat to this goatmilk base , came out a wonderful. Not just me but my friends loved it too. It was easy to work with , I already ordered more from this base .

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Base itself is wonderful, company sanitary control questionable

I really love the SFIC soap base. Well I ordered a 10 pound block of it from this company, and it came with hair stuck to it! It was so nasty that while Brambleberry may have the best price on this soap base I will not be ordering this from them again.

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Never again

I bought this thinking it would be fairly easy to work with. I was excited when I got it because of the reviews. 1st- This soap had to have been poured in the plastic bag because parts of the bag are STUCK INSIDE THE SOAP! I had to cut and cut and remove parts of the bag and cut some more. There are still parts stuck inside because I have no desire to cut this monster anymore. 2nd It took me 1 hour + to cut 5 lbs from this block. It is so hard to cut a gigantic 25 lb block of soap. ( this really would have been helpful if it was broken down into smaller blocks to = 25lbs. I saw the reviews that said easy to work with .. so that is exactly what I assumed. Not at all. I only ended up making 1 loaf because I couldn't cut anymore. I am upset because I have lost all joy in working with melt and pour because of this issue. Plus parts of the bag are still stuck inside of the soap. 3rd the oatmeal didn't hold in it at all. After I melted the loaf i was able to make, I let it cool to the point that it was very thick and when I put oatmeal in it, it sunk to the bottom. So I kept stirring and stirring and stirring and it kept sinking. It was starting to harden on my spoon so I went ahead and poured it into the mold (the soap not being hot at all) and I hoped the oats would stay floating but no.. those fell to the bottom too. So I added more oatmeal on top and guess what those sunk too. I am telling you this was such a bad experience for me I don't ever want to use melt and pour again. Not even the smaller blocks. :( I am sorry but this 25lb is a no go for me. I really wanted to make a bunch of soap this weekend but after one loaf down .. no thanks.