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Better Than The Old

I loved the old Gold Sparkle. It was my go-to for mica lines or dusting the tops of my soap, or really anywhere I needed a nice gold color. Imagine my surprise when I go to reorder yet another jar and find the formula has been changed! But I decided to give the new stuff a shot and I'm glad I did. I like it better than the old formula! It's a deeper, richer gold and works just as well in all the same applications I used the previous for.

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Great color makes gerat shimmery watter in bath bombs. I do wish the 16oz size came in a jar though the transfer from the bag to a jar was a nightmare.

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Too Dark

This gold color is not nearly as good as the previous gold. It is too dark, and does not blend well in eye shadows any more as it just overpowers other colors. I wish it had stayed the same as the previous gold was much better at blending.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Andrew! I'm sorry you've been disappointed with the reformulation of this color. The Gold Sparkle Mica is definitely a pretty strong gold color! For a lighter gold for blending you may prefer our Light Gold Mica or King's Gold Mica.

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Nice Gold Color

Works well in my CP soaps. Stays a true Gold. Also good for brushing on after your soap is out of the mold to highlight or color certain areas of your CP or MP soap. All in all, a nice gold mica.

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Gold? NO!

I mixed the mica exactly as your instructions recommended to put a beautiful gold and black top on top of my cold process soap instead I ended up with a butter yellow I am very very disappointed so far with all of the Micas I have purchased none produce the color exspected

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Felecia! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this mica. We love the Gold Sparkle Mica, though it does go a butter yellow in cold process soap, as seen in the sample picture above. While some micas have great results in cold process, others will morph color or disappear entirely. To get more spectacular gold results with this mica in cold process soap you can mix the mica with a carrier oil then pour it on top of the batter! See how we did that with the Gold Sparkle Mica in our Black, White and Gold All Over Cold Process tutorial.