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Not Gold At All

This mica doesn't look gold at all and I'm disappointed with it. Doesn't look like the picture at all. It's pretty but not what I was wanting.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Katie! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this color. We love the white/gold combination of our Light Gold Mica. You're right, this gold is more cool toned and the original picture did not represent that because of the lighting. We have updated the picture on this product page to be more true to the actual colorant. If you're looking for a more traditional, warm gold you may like Gold Sparkle Mica. Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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PERFECT for dusting

I LOVE this as a dust on my cp soaps. Especially the "extra" soap I have leftover after I make my usual 9 lb loaf, I will pour the remainder in misc molds. This works brilliantly to dust the tops to give a look of subtle sophistication and elegance. I simply love it and keep a stock of it in my supply cabinet!

More like white gold

This mica is really not gold at all. I think of it as "white" gold because it has the same sparkle and texture as the sparkle gold but it is a silvery white color. Love it! if I want a "gold" I use the sparkle gold mica which is a more true yellow gold. I dust this across my CP soaps for a metallic finish. Sometimes I make a mica line with it, although it is subtle. This has become my favorite substitute for glitter, much more sophisticated looking. Ordering more right now!

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Not quite gold in very tiny amounts

I used the light gold mica as a "pixie dust" type garnish in a layered soap I made similar to the layer video on Soap Queen TV. Maybe it's the lighting in my kitchen or I used so little but it didn't really look gold to me. It looked more like a white-ish color with .1% gold added to keep it from being pure white. It's not the best in white base because it's very hard to pick up. I'm going to try in in clear and hopefully get slightly more gold color without intense jewelry gold.

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Very pretty!

I used this light gold mica in clear melt and pour as detailing in a celtic knot design on a goat's milk oatmeal, milk, & honey bar of soap. It looks fantastic and really adds to the visual appeal of the bar. I used .15 cc in 2 oz of clear soap. Next time, I will likely add just a little bit more as this is a rather delicate (partially see-through) color. The color is shimmery and beautiful without being a harsh brassy gold. I highly recommend it as detailing, or to sprinkle it on top of a loaf bar for added interest.