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Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies

Wednesday, January 26, 2010


Gradual Gradations

Who says bleeding soap colors are bad? In this project we use LabColor dyes so that the layers blend together beautifully. This is an easy technique that gives dramatic results.

Fresh Snow fragrance


  • 9.34 oz Lye
  • 21.5 oz Water


Step One: Weigh out all of your oils. Melt the Palm, Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil. Add the Mango Butter to the warm oils and stick blend the Mango Butter in. Add the Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil to this mixture. Set this aside.



Step Two: Wearing full safety gear and following basic CP principles (unsure about CP soap? Watch the FREE SoapQueen.TV tutorials on CP soap here), weigh out your water and Lye. Add the lye slowly, slowly, slowly to the water, stirring the entire time, taking pains NOT to breathe in the fumes. Work only in a well-ventilated area. If you are ultra sensitive, wear a mask.

Step Three: We're working with a hotter mixture this time so check the temps of your oils. If they're not up to 140, heat them up until they are. Check the temp of your lye; has it dropped to 140-150? Is it clear? If so, it's ready to add into the oils, slowly. Careful! No splashes.

Light Trace

Step Four: Use your stick blender to achieve a very light trace. Basically you just want themixture to be emulsified.

Step Five: Separate out the soap into 5 containers. WEIGH the soap into each container. Weigh out 18 ounces of soap per container. There is no fragrance added yet.

Step Six: We are working from lightest to darkest. For each layer, you will add fragrance and color and *then* stick blend to a very thick trace.

  • Layer One: No color + .8 oz Fragrance
  • Layer Two: 7 drops of color + .8 oz Fragrance
  • Layer Three: 14 drops of color + .8 oz Fragrance
  • Layer Four: 28 drops of color + .8 oz Fragrance
  • Layer Five: 43 drops of color + .8 oz Fragrance

For each layer, you'll strive to achieve a THICK trace. Then, pour carefully over a low-placed spatula. This helps the soap not break through to the next layer. You're looking for very straight lines. Do not hurry the pour. You have time. 

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Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies