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Color of soap is not at all like image

The actual color of this in CP soap is anywhere from a subtle mint to a dark forest green depending upon the amount used. As other reviews have stated, the image is not correct. The actual color is more like what you see in the photo of the pigment powder and is very nice.

Great Color!

I have used this powdered oxide pigment in both melt and pour and cold process soap and it works lovely in both of them. The color is a beautiful true forest green. I like to think of it as the perfect Christmas green because I use it in all my holiday soaps and it gives it that perfect color that I'm looking for. Unlike the liquid oxcides I've used in the past I can't put this straight in the soap batter or it tends to clump up so I mix it with a bit of oil first and then it blends in nicely. I would definitely recommend this colorant!

Nothing Like the Pic, but GORGEOUS

My soap is beautiful! I love this colorant so much; it's definitely a staple. Performs well, color stays...mine never looks like the photo (it's never as bright), but it's always absolutely gorgeous

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Great color

I love using this color in a variety of cold process soaps. I always disperse it in a bit of water and find that helps to avoid any clumps. I am currently working on using my SoapMaker 3 software and am unsure of how to know the specific gravity of this product and other powder colorants. Do you know what is might be?

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Good earth tone

This is a nice and easy to use earth to e green. Mine didn't turn out nearly the same color as the example on here but it's not bad either. My only complaint is that I was shorted on the amount I received, when I got it I thought it seemed a bit empty, so I weighed it and the whole thing did t even weigh an ounce. Wish I would have got what I paid for.