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The Perfect Mold for Dusting Mica!

This mold is simply incredible. The details are elegant, It's easy to pop out my melt and pour and dusting mica on a bar from this mold makes the most beautiful bar of soap. I'm in love with Bramble Berry products. This mold will be used for every gift-giving opportunity until the end of time, I'm sure of it.

Beautiful soap if only I could get it out of the mold

This mold makes a very pretty bar of soap but getting it out of the mold in one piece is extremely difficult. I poured 8 bars and was only able to salvage 6 (having to do some work on the 6 to make them able to be sold). Any suggestions on how to get the bars out whole? I used the molds for cold process soap and let them sit for 3 days before trying to unmold. I even tried putting the molds in the freezer. Help?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cindy! I'm sorry this mold wasn't your favorite. With this mold, cold process soap may take up to 1-2 weeks to release. To help it release faster, you can add 1 tsp. of sodium lactate per pound of oils to your cooled lye water. You can also use a higher percentage of hard oils in your recipe, like coconut oil and palm oil. I'll be emailing you personally to help out!

Verified Purchase

This mold makes an eye-catching bar of soap with crisp details. The only problem was that my mold cracked next to one of the cavities because I had to push hard to get the soap out of the mold. It's possible that I didn't wait long enough, and should have let the soaps cure a little longer (I was too excited!). This is still an excellent product and I definitely recommend it. I would just be very careful when popping them out, because too much flexing will make it crack.