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Nice shaped soaps, but tough to remove from plastic

This was my first time using a plastic mold like this. The moons popped out easily, but the three suns remained stuck for a few days. I read online that putting it into the freezer for about 15 minutes may help, but it did not. Some time went by and I continued to struggle to get the soaps out by pushing on the back and pulling at the sides of the plastic. It took a while and a little bit of hand pain, but eventually they did come out. I have been looking for a good sun mold for a large order I have for a birthday party, but this was the best I have been able to find. I still have several batches to make with this. I hope this does not keep happening every time I use it. :( I will try greasing it before next time and update again when I do.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm sorry you had trouble removing the suns from this mold. We love this cute and versatile Guest Sun & Moon Mold though it defintely can be a bit tricky to unmold from that hard plastic. The freezer trick works best for melt and pour so if you're making cold process soap rubbing the mold down first with a non-saponifiable oil like Cyclomethicone or mineral oil should definitely help! Also using something like Sodium Lactate to help your soap harden faster is a great trick. For more tips check out our Unmolding Cold Process from Plastic Molds blog post.