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Should have trusted other reviewers

I was so excited to use this mold. First attempt, soap leaked out of end cap. BB says they find these end caps to be a snug fit. Not the ones I received. After proper assembly, I can pick up the mold and the cap stays on the counter. After wasting soap, I tried another batch a couple of weeks later. This time, I think I'm pretty clever, I wrap freezer paper around the bottom of mold before I insert into end cap. Works great, so I pur a second mold. Now here I am trying to unmold and the liner and soap are NOT budging out of the mold. I'm about to end up throwing out the kit and caboodle. Wasting product is bad enough, but wasting my favorite Brambleberry fragrance oil that I waited weeks for is really upsetting.

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not off to a good start

I'm sorry I didn't read the reivews before buying. End cap nowhere near tight, but fortunately I noticed that and accounted for it. Unmoulding, even after time in the freezer is a total nightmare. End cap comes off fine, but soap and liner won't budge, even with banging and trying to push something down to move it along.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Heavy Duty Column Mold can be a bit tricky to unmold from. It's important to make sure the liner is locked into place with its ends touching each other before pouring your soap in, you'll feel them click together. If the soap does leak it can help to take a hairdryer and gently run it over that seam which will loosen the soap making it easier to unmold.

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Kinda Awesome

I LOVE having round bars! There's a little bit of a learning curve with this mold. The first time I used it, I tried to pick it up by the column instead of by the base AND column and wound up flooding the mold which made it very difficult to unmold the soap. I just found a plastic cup slightly smaller than the opening, put the mold / soap on top of it, and pushed it part way out. Once it was about halfway out of the mold I managed to pull it the rest of the way out. Lesson learned! Next time I want to moved the mold I'll move it by holding on to the base and the column. Very easy cleanup. Definitely recommend this mold - it holds a deceptively large amount of batter.

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Excellent Product

Once again BB came through! I haven't found any products/items that I have not been happy with. This mold is no exception! Sturdy and of good quality. I recommend this item for other soap businesses or for personal use. Thanks Bramble Berry!

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Much better than I expected

After reading all of the reviews, I got rather nervous on trying the Large Pillar Mold. I followed all of the advise from previous reviews; I put a layer of saran wrap under the end cap, and then added about 1/4" of soap at the bottom to prevent leaking, poured in the soap and left it over night. The next morning, I put the mold and soap in the fridge for a couple of hours and the whole thing slid right out. There is a 'point' where the mat came together, but I can live with that. Over all, these goat milk melt and pour with BB cherry almond scent will be a hit as hostess gifts for the Super Bowl party!