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So Easy to work with and such great lather

My husband wanted "guy" soap so I bought the sampler and used this base for him. I found this base to be so easy to work with. It melted evenly and quickly. I wanted to add poppy seeds so I let it cool to 122 degrees and the seeds distributed so evenly and suspended great. I found this suspended better than the suspending soap base. I have some more complicated soaps I want to try and I think this will work really well with my ideas.

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This Was Great

This was my first try with a melt and pour soap. It has a great lather, and anyone who has tried my soap has loved it. It makes my skin so soft, and it was very easy to work with. I will definitely purchase again.

Recipe Help!

I have this soap in my basket along with a bunch of other items to make my first ever batch of soap. I have eczema and I've decided to make my own soap, body scrub and body butter. Would the below recipe work for this melt and pour soap base or does the quantities need adjusting? Please help if you can, thanks! 2 lbs hemp soap base, 1 lb aloe vera soap base, 3 oz Shea Butter, 1 oz neem oil, 1 oz moringa oil, .5 oz moringa extract, .5 neem extract, 6 tsp neem powder and 15 g tea tree and lemon essential oil I wanted to make enough to fit the 10" silicone loaf mold on your site. Any help with the recipe would be much appreciated so I can go ahead and make my purchase! I'm so excited to try and I realize I'm going real BIG on a first try but I'm happy to do so. Thanks again, Nekisha

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Hemp melt and pour soap base

Wow! That about covers it! I have used the aloe and thought it was ok but I decided to try something else. I purchased the hemp and made some rustic desert soap bars and boy they came out beautiful and talk about super lather and clean feeling. I didn't want to get out of shower! This is the only clear soap I will ever use! Thank you brambleberry!

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No Going Back!

I am a huge fan of Bramble Berry's Honey Melt and Pour Soap Base. I will always carry it. However, I ordered this Hemp Base and can NOT say enough wonderful things about it. First, the lather is amazing. It's creamy, bubbly and quite honestly, my skin feels like silk sheets. Very expensive silk sheets. There is no weird oder that I associate with hemp seed oil products. Just lovely feeling skin. I was a little leary thinking that the older crowd at my Farmer's Market would not like it. In fact, they were more informed than I was-LOL! I had a cut from the end of the first loaf I made, hit the shower and I can honestly say I won't use another soap other than this. The Honey Base is Great-this one is Amazing!