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Beautiful soap but drying

I bought this paste to use a box of foamers that have been in my closet for a few years. I diluted 7:1. The foamers worked out nicely but the soap left my hands feeling dried out. Is there something I can add during dilution to increase the moisturizing properties?

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need clarification please

I need to know if I should dilute it and thicken with water solution How much liquid total? I looked for recipes using this on Soap queen but couldn't find. How much water? Thank you. I want to order this because of the short list of "good ingredients"

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Stacey Marie
I was doubtful at first...

Anyone who's made homemade liquid soap knows that it's a looong process, that takes a few days for a complete product. I tried a soap base from another company that I normally buy my additives from, and it was so drying, and ended up having separation issues (something I've never had with liquid soap...ever), and I normally love all of their products. Well I came across Bramble Berry using the SoapCalc and decided to try them out, and tried a few additives first, and some fragrances. I LOVED everything I got, and the FO were better than what I got from my normal place! So I decided to give the paste a shot too because I knew they obviously had superior products, but liquid soap is a tricky thing to work with so I was still a little leery. I added just the paste to my crockpot along with their cocoa butter pellets (about 2 Tbs) and melted the cocoa butter away from the paste and then mixed together (as the pieces that were in the paste wanted to take FOREVER to melt). While this was melting in my crockpot, I had some distilled water boiling (about 85oz), then I added it to the paste. It took a few hours to fully melt, with occasional stirring, and I added some glycerine (about 1.5 cups), along with a little colloidal oatmeal, some silk, and my fragrance (oatmeal and honey...yum), and mixed really well. By then, it was still too thin for my taste, as I like a thick soap, so I added the Crothix from BB (I posted a review about that as well), and it thickened right up! This soap feels exactly like the soap I make myself, if not better! I'll definitely be buying this again! Thank you for this BB, you've cut work time in half for me!


If I wanted to make 1 gallon of Body Wash how much water do I add and How much Soap Paste do I add? I'm bad at math. lol Also how much Shea Butter & Vanilla infused Olive Oil should I add without compromising the lather.

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I purchased this product because it says it's high sudsing, however I'm not getting any suds at all. What am I doing wrong? I thickened it with a salt solution as recommended, added fragrance and it feels more like an oily lotion then soap. It is still fairly thin and there's absolutely Zero suds. Can I add something to it to add bubbles??

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Marsee! I'm sorry you had that experience. We love the High Sudsing and it is the liquid soap we recommend with the highest lather. Fragrance oils can definitely be a bit tricky when it comes to liquid soap, depending on the scent it can thin out your soap or even reduce the lather at times. The lather can also be affected by your dilution ratio of water to paste. For more information check out our How to Use and Thicken Liquid Soap Base blog post. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot.