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Lovely, mellow scent

This fragrance oil is amazing in soy candles. It's my go-to for a not-too-overpowering, mellow candle: it just smells warm, clean, and natural, like sunshine on wood floors.

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Definitely turns dark

Be prepared, it can turn almost black. It behaved well and I like the scent but it is strong. I didn't think to run it thru the fragrance calculator until afterwards and the amount I had used was for heavy fragrance. You definetly don't need that much and the excess may have contributed to how dark it got. Within 2 days it was nearly black. Don't know how the customers will like black soap. Will use again just with some adjustments.

Chemical overtones

I really wanted to love this since I am a beekeeper and make honey themed products but to me, this smelled like a chemical furniture polish. I used it in melt and pour. I bought a big bottle because of the rave reviews so I will try mixing it to see if I come up with something that I like.

CP - gorgeous, rich, long-lasting

This is one I've actually ordered twice. That's kind of unusual for me - I'm not a seller, and I tend to try something new. This is a great scent. One reviewer mentioned that urinal cake - I actually get that, just a touch, underneath. I stick with the medium amount in CP - this scent is POTENT. When I use it in the shower, I can smell the scent on my skin and lingering in the bathroom for a while afterwards. I didn't get the gorgeous dark color in the photo - more of a brown.

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Second Thoughts on this

I left a really long review for this product . Then I tested the fragrance in my unscented lotion base. Out if the bottle, you get a very strong whiff of almond straight,pure and strong and not smelling that great. WELL, I put a little in my lotion just to see what I may be missing since it gets great reviews, as it should. It smells soft and honey almond and I love it ! Try this in a product before you give up on it. I'm so glad I gave it a second chance and I'm hooked. BB is there another scent I can add to this for another layer of fragrance? I'm thinking it would probably blend well with a lot of them.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Deanna! I'm so glad you ended up loving our Honey Beeswax Fragrance Oil once in your lotion! Fragrances straight out of the bottle can be a bit overwhelming and mellow out once diluted in product.  I think this scent would blend well with Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil, Lilac Fragrance Oil, or Green Tea Fragrance Oil. I will email you personally to discuss this further.