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Am I detecting a hint of menthol?

I make my own lip balms for just myself, because I'm an addict and it's way more cost effective in the long run, plus, I know what I'm putting in it! This batch I just made is heavier on the cocoa butter, and I used Honey Kisses to give it a shot. The fragrance is great, but there's not much for flavor, which is okay by me. I don't need to be licking my lips all day. I am feeling a slight cooling sensation, so I'm wondering if the flavor oil has a touch of menthol, or if I didn't clean out my old tubes that well. Oops! I think next time I make a batch with this, I'll add the Lip Smacking Sweet to see if I can bring out more of the honey flavor. Otherwise, no complaints, here!

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LOVE this flavor!!

This honey is absolutely wonderful!! I have used it in both lip balm and melt-n-pour soap and both have turned out fabulous. Only problem - every time I walk by the counter where it is, I have to stop, uncap and smell! I really can't get enough! Thank you so much for this incredible honey frangrance!

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Honey Kisses Flavoring Oil

Fabulous in my lip balms, alone or paired with sweetener. Very popular with my customers. Thank you for such wonderful products!

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Not as described at all

I bought Brambleberry's Lip Balm Base. It is very nice. When we used the Honey Kisses Flavor Oil, as described in the Soap Queen tutorial for lip balm with the base that Brambleberry sells, it tasted like nothing, if not a little like a chemical wang. The scent is barely existent and what scent it does have, doesn't smell anything like honey at all. This was a total waste of money. I will soon be asking for a refund as I truly believe that this is a bad batch. Brambleberry usually sells the best products.

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Love the scent

While I will agree that this oil didn't smell a lot like honey, it does have a sweet smell, and I think it will work awesome in my lip balms. I haven't tasted it, so I can comment on the flavor...but there are ways to tweak the flavor of your lip balms if you choose. All in all, I love this oil, and would purchase it again!