How to Make Melt & Pour SoapInterested in Melt & Pour soapmaking? You've come to the right place! Melt & Pour soap is the easiest and safest of all of the soapmaking arts. It's so easy it's perfect for kids but so versatile it's ideal for artisans. So where do you start? First check out our basic instructions on Teach Soap. Now that you know what you are getting into why not try one of our soapmaking kits?

Easy to Make Melt & Pour Soap Project

How to Make Mermaid Ombre Melt & Pour Soap on the Soap Queen blog.

Info and Inspiration

  • Check out this great Beginner's Guide to Melt and Pour Soapmaking, and it is absolutely free. With the right ingredients and this guide, you will be making soap in no time flat!
  • One of the many handy tools we have developed to make soaping a little easier and a little more consistent is the Melt & Pour Color Block. This simple block will allow you to color your soap perfectly.
  • Another great resource for beginning soapers is this post: Talk It Out Tuesday: Melt & Pour. Here, we take the opportunity to answer some of the frequently asked questions about melt and pour soapmaking and our melt and pour products.
  • To provide some real inspiration and give you some idea of what can be accomplished with melt & pour soap, we have some photos of incredible soaps Krazy K posted to our Teach Soap forum.
  • Here you will find all our Melt & Pour Bases. They don't call it a base for nothing. The Melt & Pour Sampler Kit might be a good place to start, or just jump right in and pick a base to work with.
  • And finally, watch the ridiculously cute video above for two melt and pour recipes sure to yield brightly colored soapy fun!
  • Bees Soap KitBees Soap Kit

    A perfect beginners soap kit, complete with easy to follow instructions and a blog tutorial.

  • Gardener Soap KitGardener Soap Kit

    A delightful, multi-layered melt and pour soap kit with exfoliants. An ideal next step in a soaper's journey.

  • Color Block Soap KitColor Block Kit

    A bright and colorful modernist soap kit utilizing our fabulous color blocks. Absolutely eye-catching.

  • Embedded Toys Soap KitEmbedded Toys Kit

    A great kit to get kids involved with soapcrafting. For that matter, a great kit for anyone with a weakness for things that are just too cute.

  • Rainbow Spheres Soap KitRainbow Spheres Kit

    Get all the colors of the rainbow in one perfect sphere. This kit will put a little color into anyone's day. Pun entirely intended.

  • Strawberry Pie Soap KitStrawberry Pie
    Soap Kit

    Ready for a challenge that will yield a unique melt and pour soap full of unrivaled deliciousness?