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Love it!

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Evelyn J
Don't bother

This was the recommended Sandalwood to mix with Vanilla. I mixed it 50/50 and in the bottle it smelled wonderful. I can't smell it in my batch of cp soap whatsoever and neither can my child. I've now wasted my money, my time, and have to remake the soap. I don't know why there is no scent in the finished soap. I've since remade the batch using the full amount in this sandalwood plus some vanilla. Still can't smell it in the finished cp soap.

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I have never been more dissapointed in a fragrance

This smells NOTHING like sandalwood! It does however smell like an elderly woman's perfume. If you want sandalwood notes, then do NOT buy this (there are none) there is only a strong floral up front with a small amount of spice at the end. I would recommend getting their "Sensous Sandalwood" (that is a true 5 star fragrance) that definitely smells of sandalwood!!!

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Soft & Wonderful

This is a soft, earthy, gentle scent. It worked beautifully in my CP soap and it made me feel as if I was surrounded by a forest after a good rain as the trees gave off their fragnces for me to enjoy. It's great for a unisex soap and I will be buying this one in bulk!!!

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Indian Sandalwood Cybilla Fragrance Oil

It is a nice scent but I only give it 3 stars as I prefer standard woodsy sandalwood and this one is not.