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This is an incredible sandalwood fragrance and easily one of my best-selling. I use it in candles, soap, and bath bombs; I'm absolutely in love!

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i don't smell sandalwood

I can't describe - baby powder over stale perfume??

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Indian Sandalwood Cybilla Fragrance Oil is a lighter version than most sandalwoods to reflect a more incense-type smell. It sounds like you're looking for a more traditional woody noted scent like our Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance Oil.

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I like it....

I agree with some that it smells like old lady. But I have to say that it is more complex than that. I got this fragrance in the last soap swap and wasn't initially liking it. But I kept going back and smelling it and I started to smell the levels of sandalwood and perfumed incense and I just really liked it. I was bummed when I had used it all up, but I've bought some for myself and have made my own now.

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Love it!

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Evelyn J
Don't bother

This was the recommended Sandalwood to mix with Vanilla. I mixed it 50/50 and in the bottle it smelled wonderful. I can't smell it in my batch of cp soap whatsoever and neither can my child. I've now wasted my money, my time, and have to remake the soap. I don't know why there is no scent in the finished soap. I've since remade the batch using the full amount in this sandalwood plus some vanilla. Still can't smell it in the finished cp soap.