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Toun Adebiyi
Fast Delivery

I got my orders in Lagos Nigeria in exactly 7 days after I ordered!. I have used Iridescent Glitter to make my handmade soap. It is absolutely beautiful


Hi, I’m new to soap making, but was just wondering if you have an eco friendly policy at bramble berry? I’m asking because this glitter is not biodegradable, and since it is being used in soap will be washed down the drain in normal waste water and end up in rivers and oceans as micro plastics which can be extremely harmful to wildlife and the environment. It is possible to get biodegradable alternatives to plastic glitters, so I’d love to see people using more eco friendly ingredients in their beautiful craft projects.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Great news, because of this we do have two different biodegradable glitter options, Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter and Fine Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter.


Can I use this in bath fizzies and bath bombs?

Verified Purchase

OMG!!! I started using this glitter on everything and anything!!! It is so pretty that I can't stop adding it!!!!

Beautiful but it scratches :(

I bought this for our eraser embed melt and pour soap project because it was on the list of supplies and the alternate, the fine glitter, was sold out. While the soaps look gorgeous, they feel awful :(. The glitter scratches when using it the finished melt and pour soap bar (and I measured carefully, not using more than instructed). A note for customers as a caution, would be helpful in the item description.