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Outstanding scent retention!

Received this FO as a sample that came with an order MANY months ago. Smelled lovely OOB, so made a small batch of CP with it. Even though it was a sample size, the soap turned out incredibly fragrant (a little went a LONG way!), and has remained just as strong as day 1! My batch only yielded 6 small bars, but I gave 5 away as gifts, and everyone raved about the scent! The last bar I have kept for myself and am in awe at how incredible the scent retention is! On a personal level, I am more drawn to earthy/herbal scents, but for lovers of fun, fruity, tropical aromas, this FO will NOT disappoint, and you will be continuously amazed at how well this scent remains in your soap!

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Get this one!!

I got a sample of this fragrance, made bath bombs with it, everyone loved this scent so I bought a larger size and have made HP & CP soaps, body spray, room fresheners and more bombs. I had no problems with this fragrance& the scent holds great. All I can say is try this one!!

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Reminds me of fruit punch

I was really hoping that this would be more warm tropical notes. I'm looking to replace your discontinued Papaya Coconut. I loved that scent. All fairness though Island escape soaped well, slight acceleration but was able to swirl colors and so far, not much discoloring. Scent is strong.

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I love it

Thank you for the free sample, it encouraged me to buy another bottle. I intended it for liquid laundry soap because it is perfect in liquid soap: no change in scent. It is perfect in hot process soap: no change in scent. It is still nice in cold process soap, but it did change some. I did CPOP (cold process baked in the oven)and the scent disappeared, but returned one week later, but somewhat different. However, the colors stayed true: no darkening. In actual cold process, the scent changed slightly and it did slightly discolor as promised. Overall, I love it and will continue to use it.

Delicious, but Strong

With this oil you definitely don't need to add anywhere near as much to a CP soap recipe. I love the notes of coconut and citrus and the general summer sherbert fruitiness to it. I'm thinking of adding some lemon and using it in my limited edition summer soap: Rainbow Sherbert.